Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Sam's Story


Once upon a time, a mountain arose.

Tucker, I think this is Mt. Hood.

It can't be, Ben. The ground just moved.

                 "Let's not argue about it. Let's go study it."                     Capt. Kirk, A Piece Of The Action, Original Airdate: Jan. 12, 1968.
You have no answer, Titus? Well, that's depressing.

Act casual, pretend nothing is happening...like Tank. 

So, say more about why you feel like a deer in the headlights.

Tucker - What is enormous, brown, and floppy...

...and has antlers, a large snout, and fur?

Oh, I know, Ben! A boneless moose!

Really? You're clueless, too?    (sotto voce: "Quelle suprise!")

 Hey, Tucker, this looks cozy & unused...

Wait! What!! What is this crazy looking place?

It has a sort of clinical ambiance...

Relax, Tucker, I will explain.

Think, Ben - how do we get baby birds?

Duh, Nicci - by stork, of course

Not really. It starts with...uh, wait a minute...uh oh...sorry boys, we'll talk later... gotta go do something, like, NOW....

Et voilĂ !

Heads - it's Sam!
The Beauty Shot

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Portland Beer

A vast wonderland of craft beer.

A vast wonderland of Oregon craft beer.

... what is that pregnant person doing?

She looks so happy!

He looks so happy! This is a happy place. 
Let's try some.

So far, so delicious.

Oh, Ben...you are such a light weight.
Hey, boys...know what goes with Delicious Beer?

Delicious Fried Chicken



Sorry, boys - this is ALL MINE.
Fried pickles? What, no ice cream?

Unlike that guy over there, I will share...

...and, therefore, I deserve a little sip.

Reflections on Glass

Hello, Boys!  Wanna see some cool stuff?
Check out this dish.
 I put squiggles in this one.

 This green symbolizes the earth's abundance.

 Creativity + utility! Ben, this makes me reflect ...

 ... am I creative like this?

Tucker - I feel myself slipping into a depression.

Oh, you guys. Being creative is like breathing...you just have to remember to breath. 

Sunday, 11 August 2013


It occurred to us that there were a lot of shots you didn't get to see - called "out-takes" in the biz ...

...so to speak.

On the Road Again

This was so exciting!

more home stuff

King's College, Aberdeen

Well, obviously this is out of order...it was in Richmond.

Back to King's

View from Sir Duncan Rice Library

More York Felines

A Serenade in York

We don't remember what Jerry was saying or why.

The Thackray

Tucker, X-ray, and Two Random People

Da Boyz

For Bill and Ron

For the Kids

Tucker to Tucker