Friday, 17 April 2015

Musée Mécanique

Oh, can we go, Ben? Pleasepleaseplease? I'll be a good boy, honest.

109 years ago today...

Tucker tests his mettle...

...and is found to be mettle-less. Sans mettle. Non-mettle-ish.
Tucker's curiosity is piqued.

Ben pretends they are not together...

...then tries the Magic Chair.

"Honestly, Tucker, there aren't any. You are such a rube."
for Bob

"Let's peek behind the green door red curtain."


for Jerry

"Poor son of a bitch."
"Everything is so... pointy."


"What the hell is that?"


"This place is mesmerizing."
"What are you lookin' at?"

To complete the adventure...

Oceanus, a Fortune Teller, and Ramses walk into a bar...

Tucker seeks the Truth.

Tucker looks fearlessly down the throat of 
the Truth.

It was the "almost" that made Tucker think 
the Truth is Stupid.

Ben tries a more modern way to find the Truth.
Use your crystal ball & gaze into my soul.

Is bland & generic better than punishingly specific?
Surely the remains of this ancient Egyptian holds wisdom beyond measure. What sacrifice should we offer? A cat? A small rodent? Shall we prostrate ourselves before him? Roll over? Play dead? Or just insert a quarter?

Will we travel?

Tale of The City

  It was morning in the city. They were jet-lagged, hungry, and tired - dog tired.  The man minding the desk was painfully cheerful, but he had information they needed. They left the San Remo, the sun assaulting their blood-shot eyes. Stumbling down Water, they turned left, hoping Lady Luck was on their side. 

And there it was...

... at 2330 Taylor Street.

Ben's java was just the way he liked it - hot, black, and strong.

"Hey, Ben - that coffee smells pretty good!"

"You remember Debbie in The Big Heat, don't you,Tucker?"

The bread was crispy and the omelette was full-on California. They wolfed it down.
"I'm Ben. He's Tucker. See you around, Gorgeous."


Saved by Gronkowski


This never gets old:


And neither does this:


Cap'n Joey there any other kind?
And the Rock

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Spring Break!

Poster Dogs for SAD

Hey, Tucker, isn't it mid-March?

Yes, Ben! That means it's time for a...

Ben, this isn't The Beach of Cancun.

Well, flights were expensive.

So, we get The Pit of Carkoon?
This is not a good sign.

Posted like silent sentinels stand mortal dogs fixed in ocean reveries.

Hast seen the White Whale?
(more foreshadowing)

What they say is true, Ben - I can hear the ocean!

Our Preciouses
Hey, Tucker...

I sense vinyl is near.


Wow - the grandmother lode.

...makes me weak and knocks me off my feet.

Wond'ring again - can I be this old?

Now what?