Monday, 8 June 2015

And to Think That We Saw It... (with apologies to T. Geisel)

To get to know the City of Roses, Boys, "keep your eyelids up and see what you can see."
This might be a good place to stop.
Tucker - Here we find the famous Pershing Lava Fields...
... which give way to the weird Gigantic Ferns of Pershing.
What is this wondrous soft, green, rock-hugging substance? I shall call it Bryophytus Benus.
Yeah - it may be a City of Roses, but it ain't no bed of roses for my herd. We are all trapped, tethered to these stupid rings, victims of ridicule, laughter, and shameless exploitation.
C'mon, Ben...maybe they are handing out samples of that great, locally crafted, brew!

Uh, Tucker...remember two things:

1. Nothing is really free; 2. Don't believe everything you read.
And what's this!?!

California poppies? Well, that explains the crowds, rude drivers, and rampant elitism.
A collective! What a relief.

I look mad?! You bet I'm mad! So, there I was, using the bike lane on Powell, when this car turns right in front of me without even looking! Yeah, sure, it wasn't very Zen of me to throw my water bottle, but I was so not happy!!

Why, yes, Ben - my people do love it here.  (Go Ducks!)
And to Think That We Saw It on Pershing Street. Thanks for the wise advice, big brother!

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Famous Potatoes

Freeman Creek Campground, Dworshak State Park

Temporary Home, Sweet Temporary Home!

Hey, Ben...what is that beautiful orange flower?
Why, Tucker, I believe that is Lonicera cilliosa...

First noted by Lewis & Clark on their way home in 1806.

The truth about Idaho: great camping, wild orange honeysuckle, wonderful potatoes, and no law against big boxes of candy.

"I want to meet you in the Big Sky Country..." (Chris Whitley)

Land of Oro y Plata

Isn't Helena the capitol?

Yes, and former home of a really nice person.

You know who we mean.

Butte - birthplace of Dashiell Hammett

In Butte, they dig the news.

Ben, I knew this was a cool place.

Can we have directions?

To where?

To your heart.

Cowboy State

OhBenOhBenOhBen - Bikes! Leather! Chrome!

You know, Tucker...

...there is another side to the Equality State...

Like quiet...

... and "the columbine so pure."

Dogs Back on the Road

Ben - let's hit the road!

The left coast is calling us home.

Nothing could possibly go wrong with this idea.

Why a sudden urge to play hockey?

As we pass through the mitten, let's peer down at Allison like two furry gods.

Friday, 17 April 2015

Musée Mécanique

Oh, can we go, Ben? Pleasepleaseplease? I'll be a good boy, honest.

109 years ago today...

Tucker tests his mettle...

...and is found to be mettle-less. Sans mettle. Non-mettle-ish.
Tucker's curiosity is piqued.

Ben pretends they are not together...

...then tries the Magic Chair.

"Honestly, Tucker, there aren't any. You are such a rube."
for Bob

"Let's peek behind the green door red curtain."


for Jerry

"Poor son of a bitch."
"Everything is so... pointy."


"What the hell is that?"


"This place is mesmerizing."
"What are you lookin' at?"

To complete the adventure...